Changing the Conversation on Women's Wellbeing

Women’s health & wellness is increasingly top-of-mind for consumers and entrepreneurs alike. A reprioritization of consumer values, particularly a more holistic approach to health, fueled the exponential growth of the wellness market in recent years. Meanwhile, Covid-19 drove a new level of health awareness and also created significant health implications for women, which continue to unfold in real-time.

Baird’s 2022 Women's Health & Wellness Showcase spotlights several trailblazing companies that are tackling the unique issues women face related to health, wellness and all-around wellbeing. See our top takeaways from the showcase, which featured 20+ women’s health & wellness brands.

Featured Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, Fertility, Haircare, Intimate Skincare, Menopause, OB/GYN, Period Care, Postpartum/Maternity, Sexual Wellness, Skincare, Telehealth, Vitamins & Supplements

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Read the Takeaways from Baird’s Women’s Health & Wellness Showcase

Hear from Our Participating Companies

Absolute Collagen
Advocating for Quality Collagen Supplements

Frances Russell, CEO of Absolute Collagen, and Darcy Laceby, Co-Founder & CBO, talk about developing award-winning collagen supplements.

Advantia Health
Increasing Innovation in Women’s Healthcare

Vincent Bradley, CEO of Advantia, discusses how creative, tech-driven approaches to care are transforming healthcare for women.

Aura text on peach background
Modernizing How the World Views Supplements

Avalon Lukacs, Founder & CEO of Aura Inner Beauty, talks about developing supplements that not only combine science with nature, but speak to a modern consumer.

Better Not Younger text on peach colored background.
A New Approach to Caring for Aging Hair

Sonsoles Gonzalez, Founder & CEO of Better Not Younger, talks about changing the way women care for aging skin and hair.

Black Girl Sunscreen and logo on peach background.
Sunscreen Customized for Women of Color

Shontay Lundy, Founder & CEO of Black Girl Sunscreen, shares how she built a company devoted to sun care products for women of color.

Creating Customized Skincare

Alison Lee, CMO of Docent, discusses the need for premium, personalized skincare products for today’s women.

Equilibria logo text on peach background
Changing CBD for Women

Coco Meers, Co-Founder & CEO of Equilibria, discusses a unique approach to personalizing CBD routines for women.   

Gallinee text on peach background
Developing Microbiome-Focused Skincare

Marie Drago, Founder & CEO of Gallinée, talks about developing products to support the link between the microbiome and skin health.    

gennev text and logo on peach background
Providing Virtual Care for the Post-Reproductive Phase

Jill Angelo, Founder & CEO of Gennev, discusses the need for enhanced care options for women navigating menopause.    

gussi Haircare
Holistic Haircare at Home

Alison Romash, Brand President of Gussi Hair, discusses consumers’ needs and trends in hair treatments.

Crafting Organic, Transparent Stress Management

Jewel Zimmer, Co-Founder & CEO, and Taylor Lamb, Co-Founder & CMO,  discuss trends in stress management products.

Knix text on peach background
Reimagining Women’s Intimates

Joanna Griffiths, Founder & CEO of Knix, shares about developing intimates that meet women’s real-life needs and challenging “niche” perceptions.

lady suite logo on a tan background
Championing Intimate Skincare

Therese Clark, Founder & CEO of Lady Suite, talks about developing a brand and quality skincare products that support all stages of womanhood.

Lovehoney Group text on peach background
Transforming Sexual Wellness

Johanna Rief, Lovehoney Group’s Global Director of PR & Head of Sexual Empowerment, talks about the growth of the sexual wellness industry.

Building a Body-Positive Beauty Brand

Katie Sturino, Founder & CEO of Megababe, talks about building a brand dedicated to helping women address “taboo” beauty and wellness challenges.

mommy's Bliss logo on a tan background
Creating a New Standard of Postnatal Wellness

Yasmin Kaderali, CEO of Mommy’s Bliss, talks about broadening the postnatal care discussion to better support mothers’ wellness.

nyssa logo with a tan background.
Supporting Women Through the “Unmentionables”

Eden Laurin, Co-Founder & CEO of Nyssa, shares why it’s essential to change the conversation around postpartum and period care. 

Ovation Fertility
Transforming Fertility Treatments

Paul Kappelman, CEO of Ovation Fertility, talks about increasing innovation in the fertility space to support women and families.

Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine Logo Card
Taking a New Approach to Pelvic Pain

Allyson Shrikhande, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, talks about helping women navigate care for pelvic pain and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. 

Radiance Holdings text and logo on peach background
Providing Beauty and Self-Care Franchises

Christina Russell, CEO of Radiance Holdings, discusses growth and mindsets in beauty care.

rae logo on a tan background.
Developing Holistic Supplements for Today’s Women

Angie Tebbe, Co-Founder & CEO of Rae Wellness, discusses building a brand that offersve holistic solutions that meet women’s top wellness needs.

Rael text on peach background
Creating Organic and Natural Period Products

Yanghee Paik, Co-Founder & CEO of Rael, talks about developing organic, natural feminine care products for women seeking an alternative to traditional options.

TOMBOYX text on peach background
Creating Gender- and Size-Inclusive Clothing

Fran Dunaway, Co-Founder & President of TomboyX, talks about creating clothing and a brand that resonate with women, no matter where they fall on the gender and size spectrum.

Womaness logo with a tan background.
Changing the Menopause Conversation

Sally Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO of Womaness, discusses shifting attitudes around menopause.

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