Supporting Women Through the “Unmentionables”

Nyssa is a postpartum recovery, period comfort and body awareness brand. Founded by three mothers, Nyssa creates products and resources to solve for the “unmentionables” of womanhood, from puberty to postpartum and beyond.

Eden Laurin, Co-Founder & CEO of Nyssa, shares why it’s essential to change the conversation around postpartum and period care. 

Key Takeaways

1. A Massive Market: There is a large need for women’s health and wellness support. According to Laurin, there are approximately 160 million women in the U.S. alone, of whom nearly four million will give birth this year. Additionally, nearly one in three women deal with chronic pain or endometriosis.

2. Products Ahead of the Curve: Laurin remarked, “Only in the past few years have we seen really a shift in categories like products and consumer good that are really thinking about what women need and what we’re looking for. I think the medical disciplines and the cultural conversation needs to catch up to that.”

3. The Power of Conversation: Nyssa is creating content and platforms for women to connect with and ask questions of medical professionals. “There isn’t a lot of opportunity for these disparate areas to communicate with each other. A lot of times, OBGYNs are not [able] to talk about anatomy or pain or language that they’re using with their patients with, for instance, a pelvic floor therapist because everyone’s working remote,” said Laurin. She continued: “When we finally have an area that we can talk and dig in deeper and ask questions, oh my goodness, to have the ability to ask questions to professionals… it has created an immense opportunity for dialogue. I see movement there and I see different brands that are doing this.”

Women need resources and tools. We need conversation around what our bodies need to feel healthy and feel supported and to be able to recover, but also to maintain health and wellness throughout our lives.

Eden Laurin, Co-Founder & CEO

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