Providing Virtual Care for the Post-Reproductive Phase

Gennev provides a virtual care platform for women in menopause. Serving women in all 50 U.S. states, it offers a telehealth-driven online clinic for women in the post-reproductive phase of life.

Jill Angelo, Founder & CEO of Gennev, discusses the need for enhanced care options for women navigating menopause.    

Key Takeaways

  1. Need for Menopause Education: Even within the healthcare space, there is relatively little research or education options focused on menopause. As Angelo highlighted, “Primary care physicians receive little to no education about menopause during their formal studies. One in five OBGYNs take the elective course on menopause.” Women, in turn, have few options to learn about this phase of their lives. “It’s just then the perfect storm for women being really undeserved in this healthcare at this part of life.”
  1. Delivering Personalized Care: Angelo said personalized, post-reproductive years care can and should bridge medical and lifestyle dimensions. “It’s all one. You’ve got to have the two talking to each other. You need care providers talking to each other. And you need it personalized to a woman.” She continued: “In this case, menopause consists of 34 symptoms. Every woman experiences those 34, different combinations of them, differently than your sister or your mother or your friend.”
  1. When Women Seek Care: “We typically see women in that perimenopause phase of life in their 40s and early 50s coming to Gennev,” shared Angelo. “That’s when a lot of the symptoms are the most severe. It’s before you hit that 12-month transition point. And so that’s when we’re seeing the majority of women seeing our physicians and using our content.”

…we're not educated about our health and wellness after we have children. I think there's good and sound education around menstrual care and around pregnancy. It's getting better around fertility and postpartum. But when it comes to menopause, we never have that menopause talk.

Jill Angelo, Founder & CEO

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