Reimagining Women’s Intimates

Knix is a digitally native, direct-to-consumer women’s intimate apparel brand. Launched in 2013, the company currently offers a wide range of innovative products including leakproof underwear, bras, tanks, t-shirts and loungewear.

Joanna Griffiths, Founder & CEO of Knix, shares about developing intimates that meet women’s real-life needs and challenging “niche” perceptions.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Massive Audience: Knix was founded to meet needs experienced by women worldwide – put another way, a very large group of potential customers with recurring needs. “The initial insight for Knix was really when I discovered that one in three women leak when they laugh, sneeze, cough or exercise, or that upwards of 80% of women leak during their periods,” said Griffiths.

  2. Wellness Has a Community Barrier: Topics like menstruation, fertility, postpartum depression and menopause were seen as taboo for many years, hindering conversation and even product development. The broader women’s wellness market is working to overcome that, said Griffiths. “I really think that that's the biggest barrier to overcome, is to create a community and a space where people understand that it's normal to experience whatever it is that they're experiencing, that they're not alone, that there are solutions out there, and there is community and support.”

  3. Not a Niche, But Mainstream: “Having started this company back in 2013 and being really, really early on a lot of these conversations, I've heard time and time again, that the topics that we're addressing are our niche and that they're not mainstream,” Griffiths said. She highlighted the company’s leakproof underwear as an example of a product tailored to what is often perceived as a niche need that’s actually quite mainstream: Menstruation, experienced monthly by women worldwide. The category was virtually non-existent a decade ago, but as Griffiths shared, it is “now pacing to become a $1.6 billion category over the next couple years.”

I think that we really have to fundamentally change the way that we think about these things. Just because something hasn't yet been brought into the mainstream conversation… if it's something as straightforward as menstruation that such a huge percentage of our population experiences every single month, we're not talking about niche categories here.

Joanna Griffiths, Founder & CEO

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