Creating Custom Skincare

Docent provides convenient, online access to skincare by connecting consumers and dermatologists to provide comprehensive, personalized prescriptions and skincare products.

Alison Lee, CMO of Docent, discusses the need for premium, personalized skincare products for today’s women.

Key Takeaways

  1. Simplifying Skincare: Docent Rx sees great opportunity in simplifying the skincare process for women consumers. “They want instant access to solutions that really work, and they're also tired of being guinea pigs of like, ‘All right, if I buy this face cream, will it be different than the last one that I tried?’” said Lee. “We’re really all about how does Docent fit into your existing routine versus having to clear the slate and buy all new products.”
  1. Customization in Skincare: “When you really get behind the curtain you see that a lot of customization is an algorithm, or maybe there's a set group of products or ingredients and they get mixed in different ways for you, but it's not really bespoke to you,” said Lee. Docent Rx strives for true customization for its customers. The company works with a compounding pharmacy, who partners with their board-certified dermatologists to create bespoke prescriptions from scratch.
  1. Meeting the Needs of Savvy Customers: Docent’s customers are largely women, often mothers, discerning about products and pressed for time – but, as Lee said, “She doesn’t want to put herself last. She believes in investing in her health and wellness and things like her skincare, but she doesn’t have the time to rifle around and look for the best of the best. She wants somebody that is certified and an expert to be able to service that to her in a high-touch personal way.”


We're all looking to improve maybe the texture of our skin, fade some of our acne scarring, but ultimately that's driven by an intrinsic desire to have a life lived well, and a life that's full of confidence, and who are we not to support women in their mission to be their most confident, just their truest selves? And that married with the promise of healthy skin for all with medicine, is just something that I feel is so unique about what the Docent mission is today.

Alison Lee, CMO

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