Advocating for Quality Collagen Supplements

Absolute Collagen offers award-winning drinkable collagen supplements. Its mission is to provide a daily dose of beauty for women and daily skincare ritual for men, all while ensuring maximum benefits in a convenient, cost-efficient way.

Frances Russell, CEO of Absolute Collagen, and Darcy Laceby, Co-Founder and CBO, talk about developing award-winning collagen supplements.

Key Takeaways

  1. Commitment to the Consumer: Absolute Collagen’s founders prioritized a direct-to-consumer business model because it supports a sense of community. Russell said, “[The founders] always said to me was, they were very keen to keep it DTC because then they could go direct to consumers and talk to consumers rather than just having a kind of box on the shelf.” That spirit infuses the business today.

  2. Overcoming the Challenges of Aging: Collagen levels deplete over time, and the decrease accelerates after about age 25. “There's a lot of really quite devastating effects that happen to women – hair, skin, crepiness of their skin and things like that. And through the brand, we're able to give a little bit back to our customers,” said Laceby.

  3. Supporting Perimenopause and Menopausal Women: Absolute Collagen’s target market is women ages 45-60, many of whom are navigating the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Other customers report purchasing collagen supplements for their hair.

  4. A Future of Personalization: Like other women’s wellness brands, Absolute Collagen sees great opportunity in personalization. “Wellness and supplementation for our target audiences is the norm. We know they don't just take Absolute Collagen. We know they take a variety of collagen and supplements, and we want to be able to service kind of that need for them,” said Laceby.

Collagen is an amazing thing… we don’t like to talk about it as anti-aging, although it is. It’s about looking the best you can at that point and giving yourself a boost.

Frances Russell, CEO

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