Transforming Sexual Wellness

Lovehoney Group is a sexual wellness company committed to destigmatizing sexuality and enhancing people’s sex lives. The Lovehoney Group was formed in summer 2021 via the merger of Lovehoney and WOW Tech Group.

Johanna Rief, Lovehoney Group’s Global Director of PR & Head of Sexual Empowerment, talks about the growth of the sexual wellness industry.

Key Takeaways

1. Enhanced by Women’s Empowerment: Rief highlighted the tailwind Lovehoney’s industry receives from the women’s empowerment movement and its focus on prioritizing the self: “I think also overall the focus on wellbeing, wellness, mental health - I think that all of that helps and that's how we benefit.”

2. Open-Mindedness on the Rise: The market is no longer a no-go area for consumers or investors. “You really even see that the market and investors are more open-minded, and I think that’s needed. I mean, there are a lot of nice ideas out there, but you need someone who funds them,” said Rief.

3. Growth Opportunities Abound: The sexual wellness industry is small but growing. In Rief’s words, “I would say that there are years or even decades of growth ahead… thinking about all of the markets that are rather untapped or small, where they could grow… for now, I only see growth ahead, which is quite nice.”

Part of the gender health gap from our point of view is also sexuality. I think female sexuality was rather oppressed in history and in the past, and therefore there's a still, I would say, a long way to go.

Johanna Rief, Global Director of PR & Head of Sexual Empowerment

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