Championing Intimate Skincare

Lady Suite is a clean intimate skincare company that develops wellness-focused solutions backed by science to support all ages and stages of womanhood. Its products address a range of skincare issues, including hormonal changes, medical conditions, pH imbalance and grooming.

Therese Clark, Founder & CEO of Lady Suite, talks about developing a brand and quality skincare products that support all stages of womanhood.

Key Takeaways

  1. Millennials Driving Category: The intimate skincare category is driven by the millennial woman consumer. According to Clark, they are the first group to demand transparency and quality products, particularly from personal care brands. As millennials enter parenthood, they become more aware of ingredients and related safety and wellness considerations – a boom for brands focused on those measures.
  1. The Rise of Personalization: Clark believes increased personalization will be the next wave of innovation in the broader wellness market. “Being able to track our bodies, track our cycles, understand the nuances of our lady parts and [what] that means to our holistic health… it's really about creating solutions that someone can personalize that are… more accessible, more approachable and honestly less expensive.”
  1. Toppling Taboos to Build Awareness: Awareness is key to empowerment, and Lady Suite is committed to helping destigmatize topics and terms long seen as taboo to empower women to care for their own health. “How can we be the best detector of our whole-body health today? You can’t do that if you’re not comfortable with breasts, vulvas, vaginas, without giving them some sort of attention,” said Clark.

Millennial women were the first to call companies out… making sure things were more transparent, better ingredients, they were spending more on wellness. They're moms as well. And that's one of the first times in your life where you become more aware of what you're putting in, on, around your body.

Therese Clark, Founder & CEO

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