Creating Organic and Natural Period Products

Rael is an organic, natural feminine care and clean, vegan skincare brand. Found in 2017, Rael offers a range of period products made with organic cotton.

Yanghee Paik, Co-Founder & CEO of Rael, talks about developing organic, natural feminine care products for women seeking an alternative to traditional options.

Key Takeaways

  1. Consumers Open to Alternatives: Rael’s earliest customers were women who had issues with conventional period products – for example, irritations or allergic reactions. The other core group is consumers that were curious about Rael’s unique approach to period products. Paik shared, “It’s great to see that a lot of consumers are becoming more conscious about it. And then now it's not only food and skin, but personal care, self-care overall that start to really care about.”

  2. More Sustainable Period Products: Women are increasingly interested in reusable, sustainable options for period care. In addition to using organic cotton, paper packaging and minimal plastic, Rael responded to this demand by beginning to offer products including reusable period panties, pads and liners. “We're really trying to grow the more sustainable period care options for those who are looking for those,” said Paik.

  3. A Cleaner Future: Paik sees clean products becoming the norm across the broader beauty and wellness space within the next three to five years. “There will be a split between conventional and clean, like more indie brands. And then I think eventually being clean in the feminine care space will be the mainstream and the dominant force in the market.”

Women use these products for over 40 years of their lives, every month. But until now, we just ignorantly use whatever was in the market, not thinking much about what these were made of… a lot of it is actually plastic, not made with natural ingredients. So, we wanted to really bring more clean ingredients so that there's no pesticides, chlorine involved in this product that go into the most intimate part of your body.

Yanghee Paik, Co-Founder & CEO

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