Changing CBD for Women

Equilibria is a CBD company focused on providing women with high-quality CBD, as well as empowering them through CBD and cannabis education. Founded by women, for women, Equilibria offers all customers access to highly trained dosage specialists who provide advice and customize routines.

Coco Meers, Co-Founder & CEO of Equilibria, discusses a unique approach to personalizing CBD routines for women.    


Key Takeaways

  1. Personalization from People: Body composition, ages and stages of life can alter how much CBD a person needs, so Equilibria pairs customers with experts to guide them through their CBD experience. “We work with every single woman to help her find a routine that works for her body, her health needs… the individual support of our dosage specialist is so key to getting the efficacy and the results that our members are looking for,” said Meers.
  1. Authenticity is Key: Today’s women are searching for balance in demanding lives. The pandemic placed additional pressure on many women, which Equilibria’s team experiences firsthand in consults. “When our women come to these private conversations with their dosage specialist, they're opening up and really being vulnerable about her health goals, about her life, about her partnership, about her body… we're here for you to listen, to really hold space for you. And then to kind of just help, help educate and empower you to make, to make wellness decisions for yourself.”
  1. Quality Will Remain Crucial: Consumers expect quality products, and CBD is no exception. “I think as especially the cannabinoid and the CBD industry matures, there will be a recognition that not all CBD is created equal, that not all CBD has been bred and formulated for maximum therapeutic results. So, I think that wellness consumers, and specifically women will continue to demand a very high-efficacy, data-driven clinical approach to wellness,” shared Meers.

Women, especially our target of 50-plus-year-old women, are seeking an alternative to the healthcare system that they know today… our member comes to us, and she is asking and looking for an alternative to the pharmaceuticals that her physician has for a long time sort of pushed at her.

Coco Meers, Co-Founder & CEO

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