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Radiance Holdings is a collection of franchise brands in the beauty and wellness sector. Sola Salon Studios provides beauty professionals the opportunity to go into business for themselves with high-end, fully-equipped salon studios, along with a supporting suite of tools to manage operations. Woodhouse Day Spa provides luxury spa and wellness experiences. For all of their franchise concepts, Radiance Holdings focuses on providing support, resources and creating opportunities for independent stylists, beauty professionals and franchise owners.

Christina Russell, CEO of Radiance Holdings, discusses what is driving the explosive growth in beauty & wellness services.

Key Takeaways

  1. Beauty is About Relaxation: “Beauty isn't just about beauty anymore. It's about a way of de-stressing of really connecting in a different way, and certainly in the spa world, this is the biggest trend that we see there,” said Russell.

  2. Influx of Independent Professionals: Speaking about the pandemic’s impact on the beauty industry, Russell said, “…certainly in the hairstyling world, we were all eager to get back to the salon and actually go get our hair done by a professional again, but it was amazing to us just to see the influx of independent beauty pros.”

  3. Mindset Has Changed to Self-Improvement: “You're looking at your own face, and you're thinking about, ‘Ah, maybe I need to invest a little more here or there,’ and I think it becomes less about vanity and more about well-being and thinking about best self and how you want to present to the world,” said Russell.

  4. Consumer Education is Increasing: “I also think you're going to see a much more educated consumer, and it's something that we've had to really rise to that challenge. You've got to keep up with the consumer today,” said Russell.

We're really focused on what we call ‘mood care.’ It's about creating experiences for the client that are going to help them to achieve the psychological well-being that they're looking for, along with whatever the physical outcomes they're looking for are.

- Christina Russell, CEO

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