Developing Microbiome-Focused Skincare

Gallinée is a skin and body care brand focused on the microbiome, the skin’s protective ecosystem. Founded and developed by a pharmacist, Gallinée offers innovative microbiome skincare products with pre-, pro- and postbiotics.

Marie Drago, Founder & CEO of Gallinée, talks about developing products to support the link between the microbiome and skin health.   

Key Takeaways

  1. “Too Clean” is Very Possible: The trend toward clean beauty and clean lifestyles can harm skin and the microbiome. Drago shared, “There's this thing called the hygiene hypothesis saying that we are way too clean, and our modern lifestyle is destroying your skin microbiome and your microbiome. And that's why everybody is inflamed all the time.”
  1. Going “Pro”: Traditional beauty has an antibacterial focus. Gallinée takes a “pro-bacterial” approach to skincare to help support skin health and beauty from within. “We actually help your skin to help itself, which is very innovative, and which is also very efficient for the consumer,” said Drago. “Everywhere you’ve got bacteria, usually on your body, they’re quite mistreated by traditional beauty.”
  1. Consumers Eager for Education: “We've got consumers really hungry to know what ingredients do, or how does a microbiome work, or what can I do to make my microbiome better? So the education as a brand becomes more and more important for me,” Drago said, speaking about the future of the industry.

…I see a lot more fact-based science, and a lot more proof of efficacy... so it's not so much about what's not in your product. I would like it to be a bit more about what [is] in your product, and what it does. And clearly that's a trend we see.

Marie Drago, Founder & CEO

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