Modernizing How the World Views Supplements

Aura Inner Beauty is a modern wellness brand focused on nourishing beauty from within through pure, potent, efficacious supplements. The company formulates products with natural ingredients rather than synthetic vitamins, including liquid marine collagen elixirs, vegan omega oil, and probiotic and adaptogen powders.

Avalon Lukacs, Founder & CEO of Aura Inner Beauty, talks about developing supplements that not only combine science with nature, but speak to a modern consumer.

Key Takeaways

  1. Barriers for Women Consumers: A growing awareness of nutrition and preventative healthcare is increasing consumer interest in supplements. According to Lukacs, the global market for dietary supplements was $140 billion in 2020. While demand is growing, she said, women face unique barriers related to supplements – namely general stress, a lack of knowledge about the products, pressure to deprioritize their own well-being in favor of career or family, and exhaustion from taking too many pills already.

  2. A Global, But Complex, Market Opportunity: Supplements are in demand worldwide, but demographics, attitudes and regulatory barriers vary widely from country to country. While Canadian federal institutions review supplement products and their health claims, there isn’t an analogous product review in the U.S., where consumers often express skepticism of supplement products. Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in ingestible supplements, with less price sensitivity among younger consumers.

  3. Coming Soon: Clean Wellness: Consumers are increasingly conscious of ingredients and efficacy, and Lukacs sees those trends fueling a broader “clean wellness” trend. “You kind of see that already happening with things like collagen and mushrooms,” she said.

I think that we really have to fundamentally change the way that we think about these things. Just because something hasn't yet been brought into the mainstream conversation… if it's something as straightforward as menstruation that such a huge percentage of our population experiences every single month, we're not talking about niche categories here.

- Avalon Lukacs, Founder & CEO

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