Holistic Haircare at Home

Gussi Hair is providing good hair days to everyone through at-home keratin treatments. Gussi Hair provides an accessible solution to bad hair days, giving consumers confidence and empowerment without the cost of salons.

Alison Romash, Brand President of Gussi Hair, discusses consumers’ needs and trends in hair treatments.

Key Takeaways

  1. Haircare at Home: Consumers are seeking out products that provide salon-level results at home. “So we heard that consumers had that desire for long lasting sleek, frizz free hair, and they wanted to have this without having to spend a ton of time and money in a salon chair, and without the risk of those dangerous damaging chemicals that are traditionally associated with salon straightening,” said Romash.

  2. Natural Beauty is the Future: Accessible home haircare is helping the future of natural beauty. “And we see this trend, I wouldn't even call it a trend because I think it's the future. People want to just embrace their natural beauty. They want to enhance what they have. They're not trying to change it. They're not trying to cover it up,” said Romash.

  3. Beauty Care as a Commodity: Many brands are moving away from an attitude of beauty and wellness as luxuries. “I really think it's going to go from what has traditionally have been a luxury, what you and I were talking about, oh it would be great to go to the gym today, but I can't because I need to work and I need to get this done and then take care of the kids, but it's really going to become much more of a commodity,” Romash remarked.

I think there's going to be a big move away [from] these temporary-fix topical products to those that do more and offer more holistic longer-term solutions…

Alison Romash, Brand President

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