Sunscreen Customized for Women of Color

Black Girl Sunscreen is a revolutionary sunscreen brand for women of color. Founded in 2016, its products eliminate white residue and use natural ingredients such as jojoba, cacao and shea butter.

Shontay Lundy, Founder & CEO of Black Girl Sunscreen, shares how she built a company devoted to sun care products for women of color.

Key Takeaways

  1. Prioritizing Education: Lundy emphasized Black Girl Sunscreen’s mission to educate women of color on “sun care,” which hasn’t always been a priority for other sunscreen brands. “SPF helps with fine lines, premature aging, hyperpigmentation. Why are we not in the know? Why are we not offered the same thing, right? It’s important that all things are equal, in my opinion. If someone is not going to talk to us, then Black Girl Sunscreen will.”
  1. Shortening the Sunscreen Off-Season: Sunscreen is no longer just for special trips or activities. “Our narrative isn’t just to wear sunscreen to the beach, to the pool, but it’s to protect your skin all year-round… we are saying that sun care is skincare. Skincare is sun care,” said Lundy.
  1. Accessible Sun Care: While Black Girl Sunscreen’s products are tailored for women with darker skin pigmentation, the brand strives to appeal to everyday women who want to protect their skin. “This woman doesn’t have a certain complexion, she’s Black or brown, not darker or lighter. There’s no weight to her, there’s no height to her. She’s a woman that cares about her skin.”

It's important because we've been left out of the conversation for decades, right? And it's twofold because SPF serves as a preventative measure on the health side and then on the beauty side.

Shontay Lundy, Founder & CEO

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