Changing the Menopause Conversation

Womaness is a women’s wellness company specializing in menopause products and care. Founded by women, for women, Womaness is working to change the conversation around menopause through innovative products, education and inspiration.

Sally Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO of Womaness, discusses shifting attitudes around menopause.

Key Takeaways

1. Menopause is Universal: Menopause “affects every woman in the world, and there’s 50 million women alone going through menopause in the U.S. [It’s] rising every year because of the population aging,” said Mueller.

2. Doctors Lack Training in Menopause: Women need support and advice to navigate menopause, but many discover their doctors aren’t trained to provide such care. “Their own doctors – maybe their own OBGYNs that perhaps delivered their children – are not informed about menopause. And they really become obsolete in the woman’s life… a lot of women struggle through the early signs of perimenopause. They turn to their girlfriends, their doctors – but they find out their doctors are really not helpful,” said Mueller.

3. Product is Everything: Womaness prioritizes affordability and quality in their products because today’s women expect it. As Mueller shared, “We’ve really invested in a lot of clinically proven ingredients because we know this woman is so discerning… all of our products are under $40 and they’ve all been doctor-tested.”

4. Millennials Have High Expectations: Younger generations expect quite a bit of health & wellness providers and brands. “As they grow into midlife, they are going to demand better healthcare, better products, more open conversation… I think they’re the generation that’s breaking all the taboos,” said Mueller.

When you hear menopause, you might think of ‘The Golden Girls’ but actually, you should be thinking about all of these cool celebrities like J. Lo and Michelle Obama and Tracee Ellis Ross… we’re here to help women just get through it and keep going on with their lives because menopause doesn’t define [them].

Sally Mueller, Co-Founder & CEO

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