We're proud to share Baird's global trading platform was recognized in Coalition Greenwich's 2023 trading survey.1

The firm's rankings include:

No. 1

for Small-/Mid-Cap Equities Trading

No. 1

for Industrials Trading

No. 1

for Algo Customization

No. 1

for Dark Liquidity Algos


Electronic Execution Services

Baird provides a variety of algorithmic strategies for our clients. Offering configurable algorithms, fully tailored to each situation and alongside continual reliance on deep expertise and a dedicated analytics team, we provide the best execution possible in each trading situation.

With no proprietary trading desk or dark pool operations, we offer unbiased access to all major US trading destinations. Baird's combination of technology and our expertise offers clients a unique approach, distinct from the one-size-fits-all electronic trading of other firms.

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Cash Equity Trading

Baird is a top 10 trader of many companies our clients already associate with our award-winning research coverage. Our sector traders and desk analysts take these ideas and add on-the-ground intra-day viewpoints to ensure fresh, focused content at the appropriate cycle speed.

We provide full transparency into routing and execution venue choices, with unbiased routing to a broad list of lit and dark venues. And we can customize routing logic per our clients’ liquidity preferences.

Because Baird has no dark pool or proprietary trading desk, we have no ownership interest or bias regarding execution venues. We focus solely on best execution in our clients’ best interests.

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International Trading

Baird’s International Equities team offers secondary trading services in 50 global markets around the world and is a market maker in more than 250 ADRs.

Our international execution and settlement capabilities include:

  • 24/6 live trading desk
  • ADR creation and cancellation
  • Global programs
  • Free of payment
  • Global corporate access
  • Global earnings revision models
  • Step-out trades
  • Multiplatform CSA program
  • Pre- and post-trade analytics

And, most importantly, Baird can settle your trades in local currency or U.S. dollars, depending on your particular need.



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Brad Marks
Brad Marks Head of International Equity Trading


Program Trading

Baird provides high-quality execution of portfolio trades through leading systems and strategies as well as expert pre- and post-trade analytics, all with our signature high-touch service.

All execution strategies and analyses are fully customizable to meet specific client requirements, and, because Baird is self-clearing, our seasoned operational team has the flexibility to address your specific settlement trading needs.

As a pure-agency trader, we execute only to fulfill specific client needs. There is no inherent bias to any venue or conflicting access, since we do not sponsor any dark pools.

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Rich Lee
Rich Lee Head of Program Trading


Share Repurchase

Our dedicated, experienced specialists have managed and executed hundreds of share repurchase programs totaling hundreds of millions of shares.

We combine a thorough understanding of trading limitations, guidelines and regulations with in-depth knowledge of the institutional shareholder base. And we execute with a focus on anonymity and price, employing our strong block trading capability when appropriate.

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John Roesner
John Roesner Managing Director