Wendy Nicholson and Lauren Leibrandt, senior members of Baird’s Global Consumer team, were recently featured in Beauty Independent discussing what wellness means to consumers today.

Nicholson comments, "In defining wellness today, the first word that comes to my mind is self-care. Wellness is about looking inward and thinking, what's going to help me feel better, not just today, but tomorrow as well? It's an umbrella term that encompasses health, beauty, fitness and nutrition, and it's become a broad concept with the whole body, mind and spirit being equally important."

Leibrandt comments, "Wellness has become increasingly important to today’s consumer. Previously, it was more of a luxury or a nice-to-have, as in one day I will take good care of myself. That shifted with the pandemic and consumers seeing how important it is to prioritize self-care. There has definitely been a lifestyle shift in terms of where the consumer is spending money and time. It's at the top of their list of priorities."

Baird’s Global Consumer Investment Banking team has gained a significant market share since 2021, completing 75+ transactions and continuing to add top talent to provide differentiated advice, positioning, and execution for clients. Baird’s Beauty & Wellness practice actively works with companies across the spectrum of wellness-related pursuits with a specific focus on brands that empower the lives of female consumers.

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