Raising the Bar for Pets' Wellbeing

We’re pleased to share our 2023 Pet Care Showcase, which spotlights the companies that are driving innovation in pet care and transforming how we care for the animals in our lives. We sat down with companies that are raising the bar for our pets’ wellbeing.

After tremendous growth in 2020 and 2021, the Pet Care industry continues to grow in a post-COVID world. While COVID-inspired growth in pet ownership has certainly played a role, the real story is the continued humanization of pets and an ongoing shift in pet owner demographics (with millennials and Gen Z-ers now making up a majority of pet owners).

Now more than ever before, pet parents are focused on the health and wellbeing of their pets; the definition of health and wellbeing – once limited to pet food – has become increasingly holistic in nature and now includes things like supplements, healthy treats and chews, stimulating toys, tech-enabled monitoring and a rapidly growing pet services category.

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