Jason Porter, Managing Director in Baird’s Healthcare Investment Banking Group focusing on Provider Services, joined McGuireWoods in a recent podcast to discuss trends in the women’s health sector. The conversation focuses on OB-GYN and fertility care investing, which is growing and seeing increased attention from investors.

Listen in to hear how the OB-GYN and fertility sectors differ, where opportunities in the sector are growing, and what providers and groups can do to be more successful as they shift to value-based care.

Listen to the Podcast

Top Takeaways:

  • Investor interest in OB-GYN and fertility services is growing. This is because patients see OB-GYN providers more frequently than other doctors, creating more opportunities to provide value-based care. The quality of both OB-GYN and fertility care is also growing as new technology and advancements in medicine become available.
  • Approach the market with a construct in place. When it comes to settling compensation between providers and sponsors, it’s imperative to educate your provider on different compensation models and options beforehand. Then when the bids start coming in, you can walk them through “what it can look like in the future and what that proverbial second bite of the apple can be from an economic perspective,” Jason says.
  • Data is key to success in a system turning to value-based care. In order to be successful in benefitting both the payer and provider, groups need to provide data showing outcomes across practices. “There's no other way around it as the entire healthcare ecosystem moves to value-based care,” Jason says.

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