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As a Baird client, you may import your Baird Consolidated 1099 Tax Statement (i.e., Forms 1099-DIV, -INT, -OID, -B, and -MISC), REMIC/WHFIT Tax Statement (i.e., 1099-INT, -OID) and Form 1099-R (for Retirement Accounts) into TurboTax®.

Baird also offers a separate service to download your Baird Tax Statement directly into a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file which can then be electronically transferred into most professional tax accounting software – click here for information.

You may also download your Baird account statement information (such as, positions and income) into Quicken® personal financial management software.

Terms and Conditions
By using the TurboTax® Import process, you are agreeing to the Robert W. Baird & Co., Incorporated Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions
The answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the TurboTax® Import can be found on the FAQs webpage. Additional technical questions should be directed to Intuit®, the company that supports TurboTax®.

Importing Baird Tax-Related Data into Your TurboTax® Return:

The instructions provide the steps to assist you with importing your Baird tax-related data into TurboTax®. Baird does not support the TurboTax® software. You may direct your questions about preparing your return using TurboTax® software to Intuit®, the company that supports TurboTax®.

Before beginning to import your data, install any TurboTax® updates from Intuit®. You will be prompted to install any available updates upon opening or installing TurboTax®. Failing to install the most recent updates may cause your import to be unsuccessful.

  1. If you have not already started your TurboTax® return, from the File menu in TurboTax®, select New Tax Return.

  2. From the File menu select Import, and then select From Financial Institution.

  3. In the box labeled I’m looking for: type Robert W. Baird & Co.

    Select Robert W. Baird & Co. from the scrolling list box and click Continue.

    From the Robert W. Baird & Co. screen:
    • Enter your Baird eight-digit account number (no dashes)
    • Enter your Document ID as displayed on the Baird Tax Statement.
    Your tax forms will appear on the These Documents Are Now Ready for Import: screen. To view the details of each document, click View Details to the right of the document. A dialog box will appear detailing the items TurboTax® will import; when you are finished reviewing the details, select Close to return to the These Documents Are Now Ready for Import: screen.

  4. Click Import Now to import the selected items into your TurboTax® return (a dialog box will appear to let you monitor the status of the download).

  5. From the Import Summary screen, select Done.

  6. Click Continue to begin the TurboTax® interview process.

    If you have multiple accounts with Baird, please repeat the above steps for each account to import the relevant tax information for each account into your TurboTax® return.

Helpful Hint:
To review the data imported into your TurboTax® return at any time, go to the Tools menu in the TurboTax® program and select My Tax Data (a dialog box will appear to show the details. Items with Import listed in the Source column are items that were imported from Baird or another financial institution); select Cancel when you are finished reviewing the information.

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