Begin Using eBill Management


  • Baird account with Cash Management
  • Baird Online User ID and password (this Baird Online User ID must be associated with only the owners of the Baird account with Cash Management)

If you need Baird Online, please enroll through Baird’s website. For Cash Management complete the Client Relationship Agreement, check the eBill Section

Log into eBill Management (First time set-up)

Follow these steps:

  1. Access Baird Online
  2. Click on “Account Services”
  3. Click on “eBill”
  4. Start registering payees

Register Your Payees

Click on “My Payees” and add payees. eBill Management will prompt you to set up payment rules, which allow you to:

  1. Choose the payment account you will use when making payments to that payee
  2. Change billing address to route bills directly to eBill Management for online delivery
  3. Specify how you would like to authorize payments for that payee:
    • Manually: Review and approve all bills before they are paid
    • Automatically: Authorize eBill Management to auto pay specific bills upon receipt, as long as they are under a specified amount. (Example: “Pay the phone bill five days before it’s due, as long as it is less than $100.”)
    • Recurring basis: Schedule regular payments for a fixed amount – without receiving a bill. (Example: “Pay $1,500 to my mortgage lender on the 15th of every month for the next 15 years.)