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When choosing a financial partner to help chart your organization’s future, you want someone with a deep understanding of the bond market and all your potential financing options. But just as important is someone who understands you – the obstacles you face and where you want to be today and years down the road. 

For more than 100 years, we’ve been helping schools, municipalities, counties, special districts, states and other publicly-funded entities secure their financial future. Whether we’re exploring bond issuance or refinancing, addressing cash flow concerns or presenting to your board or broader community, you can rely on Baird to be a trusted financial partner who’s personally invested in your success.


No. 1Municipal Underwriter in the Nation1

K–12 and Independent School Districts

Baird’s commitment to K–12 and independent school districts is backed by our extensive experience and capabilities. Our school banking professionals include former CFOs, superintendents and business managers, each applying more than 20 years of school business expertise on behalf of their clients. With a focus on long-term partnerships rather than short-term fixes, Baird addresses your district’s unique needs through such financing solutions as debt management, capital finance planning, board and community financing presentations, bond election assistance, credit rating assistance,  alternative structuring solutions, private placements, lease purchase financings, public debt issuance and monitoring, and continuing disclosure assistance.

Contact us today, and let us show you why Baird has consistently ranked among the top K–12 and ISD municipal finance underwriters in the country.



Municipalities and Counties

With some of the most qualified and experienced bankers in the industry, Baird provides ongoing guidance, resources and solutions to meet the financial challenges facing your community. Whether it’s analyzing your capital finance plan, assessing Tax Incremental District financing, funding a capital project, taking advantage of refinancing opportunities or addressing your unique debt scenarios, we combine a thorough understanding of your municipality’s needs with the firm’s full range of advisory and underwriting services to create thoughtful solutions that are right for you.

And at Baird, we’re committed to supporting you beyond the initial transaction, and take pride in creating with you a long-term financing plan that works.



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Charter School Finance

Experience Counts

Baird’s National Charter School Finance Group has assisted charter schools and charter management organizations (CMOs) on over 275 charter school financings nationwide, obtaining more than $7.2 billion in funding for projects that include:

  • Construction and renovation
  • Furniture, fixtures, and equipment
  • Land and facility acquisition
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Project development costs
  • Refinancing of prior debt
  • Technology

Customized Financing Solutions

Charter school financing is a specialized financing sector and the Baird Charter School Finance group has been at the forefront of structuring financings for charter schools since 2003. As a national leader in charter school financing, we have considerable experience assessing a school’s financing needs and accessing a variety of financing sources to provide appropriate solutions. Financing solutions for charter schools include:

  • Tax-exempt and taxable bonds
  • New Markets Tax Credits
  • Interim and gap financing

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Financing a permanent facility can be a daunting task for any charter school. Please contact Brian Colon, Manager of Baird’s National Charter School Finance group, with any inquiries or to get started. 

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Special Districts

Special districts provide specialized services unique to the communities they serve. Encompassing multiple local government entities, these districts require focused expertise and long-term partners that understand the nuances within the services they provide. Baird brings decades of experience to such special districts as:

  • Municipal utility districts
  • Harbors and ports
  • Park and recreation districts
  • Fire protection districts
  • Irrigation districts
  • Library districts
  • Municipal authorities such as water and sewer, utility, sanitation, electric power and gas


Our experts in special districts include a regionally recognized Texas Municipal Utility District/Special District advisory team with more than 80 years of combined experience as well as banking professionals serving issuers across the country. Combined with a No. 1- ranked underwriting desk that purchases more bonds than any other firm nationwide,1 Baird brings proven expertise to execute limited and unlimited general obligation and revenue bonds, COPs, direct loans, bank placements and other alternative revenue financings.


Baird’s services and role are customized to each client. This approach offers such municipal advisory, underwriting and placement agent services as:

  • Budget and capital finance planning analysis
  • Bond election assistance
  • Structuring or refinancing outstanding debt
  • Developing credit rating analysis and presentations
  • RFP solicitation
  • Coordinating debt issuance process through publicly issued bonds or a private institution
  • Continuing disclosure assistance

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Source: Ipreo MuniAnalytics as of December 31, 2020. Based on number of issues, not including private placements or notes.

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For information on Texas special districts and municipal utility districts, contact:

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For all other special district questions, contact:

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Brian C. Brewer Managing Director Director of Public Finance
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Higher Education

Colleges and universities face unique and often complex funding challenges. Baird’s Higher Education Public Finance team creates solutions to meet these various capital financing obligations through our robust higher education banking experience, nationally ranked underwriting desk1, credit insight, quantitative expertise and strong retail and institutional distribution network that reaches all tiers of investors.


Baird has served various public and private higher education institutions across the country. Some of these institutions that have benefited from our expertise and relationships include:

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School Business Solutions

Baird Business Office Support

Focused on meeting the unique demands of School Administrative Professionals across the State, Baird’s School Business Solutions team provides creative, effective, and cost-efficient tools and services to help Wisconsin School Districts with their diverse and ongoing financial needs.

Baird Budget Forecast Model

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Baird School Analytics

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Baird’s Healthcare Public Finance team has more than 40 years of experience creating cost-effective solutions for healthcare facility financing and debt management projects nationwide. Our integrated Healthcare platform serves critical access and midsize hospitals, large healthcare systems and senior living facilities through dedicated, specialized teams.


As experts in our field, we understand the multiple challenges and risks in the Healthcare sector. Focusing on long-term solutions that meet our clients’ needs, we leverage our experience and depth of resources in creating successful financing solutions such as debt restructuring, refinancing and capital project development and funding.  Utilizing our strong retail and institutional marketing and distribution platform and broad firm capabilities in the Healthcare industry, we have the resources to serve as a partner for your system or organization.


We take a collaborative approach with your administrative team in creating customized financing options that improve your bottom line. Our services include:

  • Debt financing analysis and modeling
  • Interest rate risk assessment
  • Innovative credit rating comparison modeling
  • Development and execution of funding solutions using:
    • Rated and nonrated tax-exempt and taxable bonds
    • Private placements and direct loans
    • Credit enhancements
    • Government agency enhancements
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Paul R. Donna Managing Director
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Baird Public Finance’s highly experienced bankers have been serving Transportation issuers nationwide for more than 30 years. Our long-standing relationships with authorities, agencies and states around the country allow us to bring major advantages to the market:

  • Broad experience with a variety of highway and transportation programs and covenant requirements
  • A robust  Sales & Trading platform that markets and distributes to both retail and Tier 1, 2 and 3 institutional investors across the country
  • A municipal underwriting team that senior managed more bond issues nationally since 2009 – negotiated and competitive – than any other firm in the country1


Baird has partnered with mass transit systems, highway programs, airports, toll authorities and state Departments of Transportation all over the country, including:



Pension Obligation

State and local governments across the country are facing underfunded pension plans and increasing annual pension costs. Baird has a qualified and experienced team of professionals that are well versed in developing alternative funding solutions for unfunded pension and other post-employment benefit liabilities. This includes the issuance of Pension Obligation Bonds (POBs) to pay off all or a portion of the unfunded liability. POBs may be cost-effective when the interest rate on the bonds is less than the actuarial rate on the unfunded liability. There are potential benefits and risks associated with POBs that must be evaluated thoroughly.


Baird’s banking team has provided a wide-range of local and state governments analysis and recommendations related to pension and other post-employment benefits. Focusing on long-term solutions that meet our clients’ needs, we leverage our experience and depth of resources in creating successful financing solutions.


  • Model unfunded pension liability amortization payments;
  • Estimate potential savings;
  • Explore structuring alternatives;
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis;
  • Explain potential benefits and associated risks, including risk mitigation strategies; and
  • Educate Councils/ Boards and the general public on pension bonds.

1Based on number of issues – sourced by Ipreo MuniAnalytics as of Dec. 31, 2020.