WWD CEO Summer - Beauty

Baird's Takeaways from WWD's 2024 Beauty CEO Summit

We attended the 26th WWD CEO Summit in Miami on May 13th – 15th. This year’s conference focused on the bright spots within the beauty landscape (global sales reaching record highs, the rise in self care leading to new categories within beauty and a more expansive and inclusive view of the definition of beauty overall), while also being balanced with some of the challenges (e.g., inflation, geopolitical tensions) and how leaders, brands and retailers are pursuing strategies to stay at the front of the pack.

In this update, we share some of the most notable themes identified during the two day summit, including:

  1. Amazon is Now the #1 Beauty Destination in the U.S.
  2. Gen Z Continues to be a Dominant Force in the Evolution of the Beauty Landscape
  3. The Rising Power of the Gen X Consumer
  4. Major CPG on Organic Growth vs. Acquisitions and Identifying Opportunities at Scale
  5. The Role of AI and Personalization for Beauty is Becoming Further Defined

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