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Dermatological Beauty Connect Top 6 Takeaways

We recently attended the inaugural Dermatological Beauty Connect conference in Miami, where we heard from a diverse array of speakers, including board-certified dermatologists, beauty service company founders, representatives from major retailers and private equity investors.

The topic of the conference was the explosion of growth that we are seeing currently in the beauty services marketplace, with more consumers focusing on treatments and consultation to enhance their beauty regimens and with more capital being put to work funding different concepts. To be sure, it feels as if the convergence of beauty & wellness products with services is here to stay for a while, with the current $20B marketplace for cosmetology services expected to grow at a double-digit pace over the next decade.

Key Takeaways

  1. What’s the Appeal of a Chemical Peel (or a Filler or an IV Drip)?
  2. Beauty Services Can Offer the Utmost Personalization
  3. Services and Products: Offering Both Seems to be a Winning Combination
  4. Investing in Beauty Services: Lots to be Attracted to, but Also Lots to Be Wary of
  5. Turning a Trend into an Enduring and Effective Offering Through Technology and Information Sharing
  6. Marketing Beauty Services Has Its Own Unique Challenges, but the Consumer is Thirsty for Knowledge

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