Collage of a woman racking weights at the gym and a man and woman jogging on a road

Active Lifestyles & Fitness Update

March 2023

Active lifestyles throughout the pandemic have undergone serious change, sometimes by choice (e.g., gym lockdowns forcing us into the outdoors) and other times by innovation (e.g., the steep adoption of connected fitness equipment). While many of these shifts were obvious to industry participants long before the pandemic, the trends are in full force today, redefining the competitive landscape.

In a new, multipart series, Baird's Active Lifestyles, Fitness & Mobility team will be covering five significant industry changes:

Part I: Broadening definition of wellness
Part II: Returning to in-person training
Part III: Connected products are finding the new ‘level’
Part IV: Technology drives new personalization opportunities
Part V: The fitness digital world is reaching mainstream

Read our first installment of the series, covering the first two trends in detail.

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