In-House Support Dedicated to Serving Our Fixed Income Platform

When you’re independent and employee-owned, you can do things differently. At Baird, that starts with building a specialized resource team that understands and supports the unique needs of our fixed income platform.

Our Fixed Income Capital Markets business succeeds when our analysts, bankers, salespersons and traders focus on what they do best – collaboration on tailored strategies and custom solutions to serve our clients and institutional investors. That’s why we invest in support teams dedicated specifically to our fixed income business specializing in the following areas: compliance and regulations, finance, marketing, operations, real estate and technology. These professionals are responsible for the day-to-day operational activities, strategic projects, and collaboration with our Public Finance and Sales & Trading professionals.

Not only are these professionals’ experts in their respective areas, but they possess specific Fixed Income business knowledge to support the unique needs of the business.

Our culture is what sets Baird apart – and that stems from our unique support structure which serves as the foundation as we continue to expand upon our product expertise and services offered by our fixed income platform.

Stephanie Warren, Chief Operating Officer, Fixed Income Capital Markets

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