Baird’s Facility, Industrial / Infrastructure, Residential & Environmental Services (FIRE) team is a leading outsourced services franchise. Since 2021, the group has executed over 35 transactions valued at $18 billion in aggregate enterprise value.

Our FIRE practice covers recession resilient, non-deferrable outsourced services, all of which are performed on-site and are necessary for the everyday operation of society (e.g. road repair and construction). Moreover, these outsourced services are typically blue collar in nature and mission-critical for the performance of the clients they serve.

Baird’s FIRE practice has extensive experience advising best-in-class companies across the Infrastructure services sector, including:

  • ​​​​​Businesses focused on construction related services where people are essential to the delivery of the service
  • Those where safety and training are key differentiators
  • Companies performing project based work and serving government and private clients
  • Those in highly fragmented markets undergoing consolidation

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Baird looks forward to attending ATSSA's Convention & Traffic Expo. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Baird’s Traffic Management Team can assist your business growth and strategic objectives.

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