Business Models with Momentum in a COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended global business. As the current environment challenges traditional business models in unprecedented ways, it is simultaneously accelerating long-time trends across multiple industries.

Which business models stand to benefit from this accelerated pace of change? Baird Global Investment Banking shares insights on accelerated growth themes and the business models that stand to benefit from these rapidly evolving trends

Soap bubbles.
“Jan-San” No More

In a world transformed by COVID-19, “clean” no longer cuts it. Get our insights on the accelerated rise of the hygiene industry.

Woman holding a computer tablet with media icons overlaid on the image.
Click and Mortar

The pandemic accelerated the shift to eCommerce, intertwining the offline and online worlds more than ever. Learn which business models will benefit from this shift.

Factory machinery.
An Automated Future

COVID-19 put the automation trend on fast-forward. Learn how the pandemic is accelerating business’ adoption of automation technology.

Elementary school aged child wearing headphones and working on a laptop.
Long Distance Lessons

From early childhood education to workforce training, a diverse array education software and online business models are increasingly facilitating and sustaining the instruction, collaboration, and knowledge assurance of learners at all phases of the education lifecycle in a post-COVID world.

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Podcasts: Navigating the Pandemic

Our team interviews industry experts from impacted sectors to discuss the current environment.

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Takeaways from Baird's Virtual PCTS Conference

Get firsthand insights from private technology & services companies that are finding ways to thrive post-COVID-19.