Powering Through a Pandemic: The Hygiene Industry

In a world transformed by COVID-19, “clean” no longer cuts it. Consumers have been and are increasingly hyper-focused on hygiene, which is no longer just a personal or household matter; it’s now a major focus for businesses and institutions. This shift – which had started prior to the pandemic, but most certainly will be accelerated in a post COVID world -- will increase the appetite for products and services that go beyond mere cleaning and either sanitize or disinfect. 

Who Benefits From This Accelerated Hygiene Trend?

  • Food/Food Service Players - There will be even more focus on the food supply chain – specifically its safety and sanitation. Expect higher demand for and interest in farm level solutions, food processing facility systems and restaurant kitchen products that are effective, reliable and trusted.
  • Product Innovators - Hands free solutions, particularly in commercial restrooms and consumer/commercial kitchens, closed-systems in commercial applications (e.g., soap and hand-sanitizers) and products that are demonstrably higher performance / higher efficacy while requiring lower effort (e.g., robotic floor cleaning machines, next generation disinfectants) will see best growth prospects.
  • Market Specific Solutions - Suppliers who cater to specific end-markets like hospitals, education, hospitality, and manufacturing will see heightened interest.
  • Surface Specific Solutions - With the proliferation of surfaces - particularly in flooring, countertops and hospital settings - suppliers who tailor solutions to specific surfaces and provide effective cleaning without reducing the life or appearance of the product / surface will have an advantage.
  • New methods of disinfection – The use of UV lights, robotics and other, non-topical products for disinfecting hold great promise. Robotic technology in particular not only allows for labor efficiency, but also offers more confidence in safety and consistency.

We believe there will be ongoing growth in the broader hygiene sector, particularly for strong brands with existing global capabilities, effective products, sustainable solutions and/or an established distribution network. Some names include: 


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