MSCP Completes Continuation Vehicle for World 50

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MSCP single asset continuation vehicle for World 50


Morgan Stanley Capital Partners ("MSCP" or the “Sponsor”) closed a single asset continuation vehicle (“CV” or the “New Vehicle”) for World 50, Inc. (“World 50”). Having achieved its underwritten objectives during the initial hold, MSCP pursued this CV to provide existing LPs a liquidity option while also extending ownership of a high-performing asset.¹

Baird served as lead advisor to MSCP on this transaction. Baird² conducted an efficient and competitive auction process, ultimately accomplishing an array of key Sponsor objectives, including: i) providing a liquidity option for existing LPs at an attractive return; ii) extending and upsizing ownership to capitalize on additional value creation opportunities; iii) forming new institutional LP relationships; and iv) securing new unfunded capacity to support additional follow-on funding.


Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, is a leading middle-market private equity platform that has invested capital for over three decades. Morgan Stanley Capital Partners focuses on privately negotiated equity and equity-related investments primarily in North America and seeks to create value in portfolio companies primarily in a series of subsectors in the business services, consumer, healthcare, education and industrials markets with an emphasis on driving significant organic and acquisition growth through an operationally focused approach. MSCP is headquartered in New York, New York.

World 50 is a leading peer to peer community for CEOs, board directors, C-suite executives and emerging enterprise leaders at globally respected organizations. Since 2004, World 50 has served as a beacon for the senior most executives to stay ahead. Through highly curated product and service offerings, World 50 fosters small, private communities for executives from a multitude of functions and industries to build impactful relationships with one another, work through challenges and elevate their impact as leaders. World 50 members are at the forefront of transformation, leading organizations with a total market cap exceeding US $34 trillion and more than 37 million employees worldwide. World 50’s mission remains laser focused on accelerating the success of the company’s members, their teams and their organizations. World 50 is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

¹ The information herein has been obtained from, and any opinions herein are based upon, sources believed to be reliable, but MSCP, CV and their affiliates do not represent or warrant that it is accurate or complete and no reliance may be placed for any purposes whatsoever on the information contained herein.

² Baird acted as a financial advisor to MSCP and placement agent for the CV and will receive certain fees in connection therewith. Baird is not a current advisory client of MSCP or an investor in any fund sponsored by MSCP. For providing solicitation and other services with respect to certain investors who invest in the CV, Baird has received or will receive cash compensation in the form of fees generally based on the amount of capital commitments to the CV. In addition, in certain cases the CV may bear certain out-of-pocket expenses related to Baird’s engagement and solicitation of investors. As a result, Baird had a material incentive and potential conflict of interest to recommend an investment in the CV. Baird also expects, from time to time, to do business with and earn fees or commissions from affiliates of MSCP, as well as with other third-party fund sponsors that may have similar or different investment objectives from the CV, including the provision of advisory and placement services.
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MSCP single asset continuation vehicle for World 50

March 2024
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