Baird Global Investment Banking presents Baird IPO Reboot Series

This educational series is intended to teach executives, board members and investors the ABCs of going public.

In each episode, a member of Baird's Global Investment Banking team is joined by outside industry expert(s) to provide an up-to-date deep dive on classic IPO 101 topics everyone should be familiar with prior to going public.

General topics that will be covered in the series include:

  • Public listing alternatives
  • Preparation for a public listing
  • Pre-IPO activities: do's & don'ts
  • Drafting the offering documents
  • Building a public ready financial model
  • Governance & ESG considerations
  • IPO offering considerations
  • IPO marketing and syndication process
  • Listing day
  • Public company investor relations
  • Ongoing disclosure requirements
  • Insider monetization post-listing

We hope you enjoy the episodes below.

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IPO Reboot Series #1

3 Paths to Going Public

Delve into the characteristics of IPOs, direct listings and de-SPACs, key differences between the transactions, and when companies should consider each one for their business.

IPO Reboot Series #2

The Checklist for Going Public

Choosing advisors and consultants, accounting and reporting, diligence, board requirements and governance, and developing an equity story and more discussed.

IPO Reboot Series #3

Pre-IPO Activities: Do's & Don'ts

The pre-IPO period can be a complex time for companies preparing to go public, but what are the common pitfalls executives should be aware of to avoid?

IPO Reboot Series #4

Drafting the Offering Documents

When you crack open your first IPO prospectus you may quickly become overwhelmed with the vastness of the document, but drafting your own prospectus does not need to be a daunting task if you learn how to dissect it and stay organized!

IPO Reboot Series: Episode #5

Building a Public Ready Financial Model

Communicating your businesses in the language of numbers is both an art and a science, but how should a company develop a "public ready" financial model that works for their business and resonates with public equity investors?

IPO Reboot Series: Episode #6

ESG Considerations

As you transition into the public spotlight it is important for private companies to develop robust internal ESG frameworks to meet public company standards and ratings systems.

IPO Reboot Series #7

IPO Offering Considerations

As you begin down the IPO path you will have a lot of data thrown at you as it relates to items like offering size, consideration mix, etc., but it's important for issuers to remain focused on what's right for their company and see the forest for the trees.

IPO Reboot Series #8

IPO Marketing & Syndication Process

The nuts and bolts of your IPO marketing process. If you are at the starting line of your IPO marketing process this is a discussion you won't want to miss!

IPO Reboot Series #9

Listing Day 

It's the big day . . . LISTING DAY . . . but how can you get the most value out of this historic branding event for your company? 

IPO Reboot Series #10

Public Company Investor Relations

One of the primary benefits of being a public company is access to a large public investor universe, but how should you prepare to manage the demands of a larger investor base once public?

IPO Reboot Series: Episode #11

Finding Your Sea Legs Once Public

You made it through the IPO process and are now public, but how can best position yourself for long term success as a newly public company?

IPO Reboot Series: Episode #12

The Ultimate IPO Guide

So you want to IPO? Preparation will be key but how do you keep a level head throughout the long process?

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