School safety has evolved into a vitally important topic for K-12 schools across the U.S. While schools are meant to be safe havens for students’ growth and learning, districts must grapple with everyday safety concerns, the proliferation of devices, wellness-related topics and students’ mental health and well-being. As school administrators set strategies for their districts, safety is one of the most pressing concerns.

Safety software solutions are proving invaluable to school districts and are making a meaningful impact. However, it remains early innings for the full impact potential of these solutions to be achieved as schools continue to adopt the solutions more broadly and the software providers enhance their solution offering to create better outcomes for districts.

In this paper, we explore the current school safety landscape and a range of solutions providers that are helping to redefine what safety means in today’s K-12 ecosystem.


The Spectrum of Safety Solutions

  • School Safety Training
  • Wellness Monitoring & the Role of Devices
  • Critical Event Management Solutions
  • The Shift from Reactive to Proactive
  • Parent-Child Safety Software

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