Spotlight on Fixed Income Capital Markets

We believe providing the best service to our clients starts with hiring the best bankers and associates. We invite you to learn more about our leaders within Fixed Income Capital Markets.

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Meg Santanna
Managing Director, Fixed Income Institutional Sales
Tenure at Baird: 13 years

  • What is a typical day like?

    Every day in fixed income sales is a little different. Our clients’ investment needs and focus are constantly shifting depending on market dynamics. As a salesperson, I try to point our customers toward attractive relative value stories, whether that’s something off firm inventory or something we’re working on from a seller. My job often aligns buyers and sellers to make a trade come together, drawing on previous conversations and any market sentiment I’ve gleaned from my interactions with customers. Constant back-and-forth with our trading desks is crucial to give our clients the best opportunities as new offers become available.

  • What challenges have you encountered in your career?

    In sales, business ebbs and flows, and staying upbeat and motivated when our customers are less excited to be active is the biggest day-to-day challenge. Approaching your job and life with a can-do attitude, even on the slower or harder days, goes a long way. Sometimes servicing our clients when it’s slow is more meaningful than on busier days, and you never know what could come back around. Some days are more about planting the seeds than harvesting the fruits of your labor.

  • Did you imagine when you first started that you would be a leader in a male-dominated profession?

    I did and I didn’t. I was always a go-getter, and I didn’t see “barriers” for me per se. When I got hired on my previous firm’s trading floor, I was one of two women in a large group of men. I guess I never let the gender gap intimidate me. As an industry we still have a ways to go, but it’s headed in the right direction!

  • What characteristics do you see in successful women?

    The most successful women I know are hard-working, organized, thoughtful and positive. Early in my career on Wall Street, I observed that the very few women in the upper ranks were tough but also rough around the edges, having battled to compete in a male-dominated industry during those times. Back then, it was also more acceptable for male leaders to be tyrants and still be respected. Luckily, there has been a major shift in how we all treat one another – Baird’s “no asshole” policy is proof of that!

  • What lessons have you learned over the course of your career?

    I’ve learned to not be afraid to take risks and try something new. Working hard and staying the course has paid off for me in my career, but there were times when I wish I had been more open to new opportunities and taking more risks. Above all, I believe in trusting your gut on the big decisions.

  • What advice would you share with young women entering sales and trading?

    Just go for it! There’s never been a more exciting time to be a woman in business, and we’ve come a long way in making the playing field more even. There’s currently a huge push to hire and promote women at many companies, and that’s a huge opportunity. It’s been refreshing to see this attitude shift over time. I think it’s not only good for employees and companies to have a more balanced perspective and workplace, but it’s also good for business.