Baird’s inaugural Cyber Showcase features in-depth discussions between Baird’s Infrastructure Software & Cybersecurity Investment Banking team and leaders from compelling cyber solutions companies from across the globe.

Our discussions took place as global companies continue to navigate the realities of cyber threats in a world transformed by COVID-19. The shift to widespread remote work expanded the cyber perimeter in a major way, creating new threats and accelerating existing trends.

Our discussions confirmed the risks companies face today are global and industry agnostic. In our showcase summary, we highlight the key takeaways from cyber leaders who are working closely with global companies facing the new normal in cybersecurity.

How Global Business is Adjusting to the New Normal

Takeaways from Baird’s 2021 Cyber Showcase

1. Security Starts & Ends with People

Humans are the first line of defense and point of vulnerability – and the pandemic environment put pressure on both roles

2. Familiarity & Shadows Hide Vulnerabilities

Lack of visibility into attack surface, assets, legacy stack and more creates significant risk in today’s cyber landscape

3. Supplier Risks Are More Dynamic Than Ever Before

Point-in-time questionnaires no longer cut it – continuous monitoring is essential as third- and fourth-party risks ramp up

4. Remote Working, Rich Pickings

Work-from-home created a ripe environment for threat actors, with malware, phishing and mobile attacks all on the rise

5. Low Visibility – IT Ops Navigating Cloudy Skies

Teams are navigating a myriad of challenges around cloud migration, data storage, non-integrated data sets and more

6. Regulation Looms

Ransoms remain a big question mark for regulators, and GDPR stands to re-emerge as a concern for businesses

7. Shoring Up On Cyber Hygiene

Businesses must develop good cyber hygiene habits – and proper awareness, processes and training will be key

Thank You to Our Participating Companies

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