Today, Baird Capital portfolio company GreenLight Biosciences (“GreenLight”) announced its plans to become publicly listed through a business combination with the SPAC Environmental Impact Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: ENVI). 

The transaction hopes to advance GreenLight’s breakthrough biomanufacturing platform, which is capable of discovering, developing, scaling, and commercializing ribonucleic acid (RNA) solutions at volume across multiple sectors in agricultural and human health markets. This combination aims to create a company rooted in global impact and sustainability with a diverse product pipeline addressing two of humanity’s greatest challenges and largest opportunities: food security and human health.

Baird Capital initially invested in GreenLight in January 2019. GreenLight harnesses the power of biology to develop RNA-based solutions for some of humanity’s greatest challenges in human health through mRNA vaccines and therapeutics and in food production through RNA crop-protection products. The company’s breakthrough cell-free RNA manufacturing platform, protected by numerous patents, allows for cost-effective and scalable RNA production.

Learn more about this significant announcement via this Wall Street Journal story published on August 10, 2021. For more on GreenLight, visit their website.