As Baird commemorates Black History Month, members of the firm’s Prism Associate Resource Group shared their reflections on the importance and impact of honoring Black history.


Caleb HutchinsAlthough much progress has been made in our pursuit of equity, equality, liberty and justice for all there is still much work and sacrifice required to assure the dreams of those that came before us are no longer deferred. Black History Month should serve as a reminder to us all to be relentless in our pursuit of building a better society for ourselves and the generations to come after us.

Caleb Hutchins
Business Development Consultant, Private Wealth Management​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​Ron BakerIt's easy to celebrate all the good things that some have done throughout history, but we must not forget that Black history isn't just one month, it is ultimately American history. Let's use this month to celebrate the accomplishments, reflect on our actions/inactions and plan to work for a better future.

Ron Baker
Technology Solutions Specialist, Private Wealth Management Technology Best Practices


​​​​​​​Connie WhiteBlack History Month is a designated time to honor African Americans who have made an impact for standing up for what they believed in. It brings recognition to their courage, influence on generations and displays an example for us to have a drive to contribute to society.

Connie White
Compliance Officer, Compliance


Michael Tucker​​​​​​​It is important to me to recognize the impact of Black culture in shaping our world and appreciate the opportunity I have to share my culture and perspectives with the world each day. For all of us, this month is a chance to acknowledge that despite our differences, we as humans have much more in common than we may allow ourselves to believe.

Michael Tucker
Project Services Specialist, Marketing & Communications


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