In the April 13, Bloomberg story "Women Are Winning in Bond Funds. Why Aren't There More of Them?," Mary Ellen Stanek, Chief Investment Officer with Baird Advisors, is featured.


This black and white litmus test of success should be a draw for women, as it was for Mary Ellen Stanek, chief investment officer at Baird Funds, the institutional fixed-income investment-management division of Baird.

"Asset management is so objectively measured, harshly so," she said. "Every single day we get a report card, so it’s hard to ignore if you can put those numbers up. That’s one of the great ironies" of the small share of women in the field.

NOTE: The funds referenced in the article are all run exclusively by women. Mary Ellen Stanek leads the seasoned team of investors who manage Baird Funds' bond fund offerings.

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