Opportunities and Challenges of a Flatter Yield Curve

The rise in short-term rates has created attractive valuations on the front end of the investment-grade curve. If the curve could speak, almost certainly the shorter maturities would now be shouting, “Look at me... Look at me!” Not since late 2008 have investors been able to earn 2.0% or more on high-quality, short-term bonds.

In our latest white paper, Senior Portfolio Manager Duane McAllister explains how the recent boost in short-term yields not only allows investors to once again earn a reasonable nominal return on their money without needing to take significant duration risk, it also provides an opportunity to earn a positive real return, since core inflation measures remain below the Fed’s 2.0% target.

The experienced professionals at Baird Funds have decades of experience helping fixed income investors navigate changing markets like those we are experiencing today. We strive to manage risks for our investors while providing shareholders with consistent, incremental returns relative to industry benchmarks across market cycles.

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