Perspectives on Our Industry’s Environmental Awakening

As concern about humanity’s impact on the global environment has compounded, more and more governments, corporations, institutions and individuals have made addressing it a focus. Below we have collected insights from Baird’s own experts and industry leaders into how this has changed the way some business is done, related investment trends, and what the long-term implications could be for the global financial system itself.

Abstract globe and illustrations of windmills, sun, and plants superimposed upon a mountainous landscape
It's Time to Take Action on Climate Finance

There is an enormous amount of activity these days on the part of governments and NGOs, regulators, philanthropists, investors, and financial services providers around gearing up to support emerging climate-aligned finance initiatives.

Illustrations of a plant, hands shaking, and a gavel hitting a block next to the words: Environmental Social Governance
Investing in Your Values

The rise of socially responsible investing lets investors put their money where their values are. This is the first in a two-part series on Socially Responsible Investing.

Bar chart with leaf/arrow moving in an upwards trend over bars
ESG Under the Microscope

Baird’s John Taft and Chris Merker on how ESG is evolving and what investors should watch for.

Composite photo of John Taft and Michael Antonelli
ESG Investing During the COVID Pandemic

Mike Antonelli and John Taft look at how ESG investments have fared in the face of extreme market volatility.