Electronic Delivery from Baird

Convenience and Security with Baird eDelivery

As a Baird client, you can receive your client statements, transaction confirmations and other investor communications (prospectuses, proxies, etc.) online instead of in your mailbox.

Signing up is easy, and you can select which documents you’d like to receive via eDelivery. (Don’t worry- you’ll still get your tax documents in the mail.)

Why Go Paperless?

  • Paperless documents can help reduce your risk of mail fraud and identity theft. 
  • You have safe, secure access to your documents anytime from anywhere.
  • Minimize paper clutter.
  • Keep all your important documents in one, organized place.
  • Print your documents if you need paper copies.
  • It’s good for the environment.

How Do I Sign Up for eDelivery?

Paperless delivery is available through Baird’s free online client site: Baird OnLine.

  • If you already have Baird OnLine access: Log in to Baird OnLine, visit the “Client Service Center” and select “eDelivery Options”. Follow in simple instructions to sign up. Also, see our guide for “How to Go Green.”
  • If you do not have Baird OnLine access: Register for Baird OnLine access by completing this online registration, which allows you to sign up for Baird OnLine and eDelivery at the same time. You can take a tour of Baird OnLine to learn more about this valuable client benefit. See our guide for “How to Go Green.”

How Will I Know When My Electronic Documents are Available for Viewing?

You will receive an email message advising you that a statement, confirmation or investor communication is available to be viewed. The message will instruct you to log in to Baird OnLine to view it and provide a link directly to the document.

More Information

For more information about Baird OnLine access and going paperless, see the eDelivery frequently asked questions, or contact your financial advisor.