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Takeaways from Baird’s 2023 Defense & Government Conference

Baird’s Global Investment Banking team recently hosted our 6th Annual Defense & Government Conference, where over 1,000 attendees participated in presentations and panels featuring 50+ public company, private company, and Government executives. Discussion topics included:

  • Defense & Government State of the Market Update
  • Disequilibrium: Funding U.S. National Defense in an Era of Monetary, Fiscal, and Geopolitical Disruption
  • The Span of Space: What Does Ukraine Today Tell Us About China Tomorrow?
  • Seller Perspectives: M&A Lessons Learned
  • A View from Wall Street
  • Buyer Perspectives: Industry Leaders’ Approach to M&A
  • Ukraine, IndoPacom, and The Digital Battlefield: How Modern Conflict is Defined by Electronic Warfare and EMSO
  • The Future of Warfighting: From Innovation to Impact
  • Current and Over-the-Horizon Threats: Perspectives from the Intelligence Community
  • Private Equity Investing: More of the Same or Will the Floodgates Open?
  • From Data Chaos to Autonomous Systems: The Future of AI in Government
Baird’s Defense & Government Investment Banking Team