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A New School of Thought: The Multi-Unit Education Opportunity

6 Key Themes Attracting Investors

With a new school year now underway in classrooms across the globe, investors are rapidly awakening to a new opportunity that spans the education and franchising markets – multi-unit early childhood education (ECE) and youth enrichment models.

Baird continues to see strong appetite in the multi-unit education space from a range of investors – including leading, experienced education investors as well as increasingly consumer-centric investors who are applying their longstanding multi-unit and franchising expertise to the education space.

In this new report, we outline this emerging opportunity, the reasons why investors are excited and compelling companies to watch.

Pairing our Multi-Unit & Franchising practice with our leading Knowledge Solutions coverage gives Baird a unique positioning in the multi-unit ECE and enrichment market. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you and discuss both the ideas in this piece, companies in the ECE and enrichment space and our unique coverage.

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