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2021 Annual Report

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"Values are a centering force in times of both calm and chaos."

-Steve Booth, Chairman & CEO

As the tumult of the global pandemic continued to unfold throughout 2021, Baird held fast to our core values of honesty, integrity, transparency and teamwork while always keeping our clients’ interests first. Each has guided Baird through times of significant change, including our unique journey as a privately held, employee-owned firm.

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Financial Information

Baird Financial Group is the ultimate parent company of all of Baird’s global operations. Our primary businesses are wealth management, capital markets, asset management and private equity. We are privately held and employee-owned.

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The Baird Way

Our strong and differentiating culture and the unique way our people go about our business – often referred to as The Baird Way – are represented by our Mission, Core Beliefs and Associate Promise.

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The members of Baird’s Executive Committee average nearly 25 years at the firm, representing a significant continuity of leadership and advocacy for the core values Baird was founded on in 1919.

Impacting Our Communities

We’re proud to have a long tradition of community involvement at Baird. Our associates continue to build on this legacy through their strong commitment to giving back.

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