Equity Financing from MidHudson LLC and WhiteStar Advisors LLC

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Equity Financing from MidHudson LLC and WhiteStar Advisors LLC


Baird served as financial advisor to Barrett Lo Visionary Development on this transaction


The Couture, a development of Barrett Lo Visionary Development ("Barrett Lo" or "The Company"), has secured a preferred equity investment of $24.5 million from MidHudson LLC ("MidHudson") and a joint venture equity investment of $17.0 million from WhiteStar Advisors LLC ("WhiteStar").

The Couture is a luxury high rise multifamily development in downtown Milwaukee. The 44-story skyscraper is designed to be a key thoroughfare connecting Milwaukee’s lakefront and cultural amenities with downtown. The project includes public plazas and parks, pedestrian bridges and a new lakefront stop for the streetcar. The Couture will replace an underused transit center with a true multimodal transit hub for our community. The Couture will help generate both income through tax revenue and thousands of jobs for the city, helping Milwaukee continue to thrive.

Barrett Lo Visionary Development is a national real estate investment and development company located in Milwaukee, with a focus on ultra-luxury mixed-use developments that transform the landscape of a city and bring vitality to communities. Boldness, confidence and vision are the cornerstones in Barrett Lo’s development of destinations – not just buildings.

MidHudson makes preferred equity investments that provide the working capital and IOD reserves required for HUD 221(D)(4) transactions. MidHudson, LLC is an affiliate of Middleburg, a Vienna, Virginia-based real estate investment, development and management firm.

Established over twenty years ago, WhiteStar is a private SEC registered investment advisor specializing in real estate investments on behalf of a wide variety of multi-employer pension and related funds throughout the United States.
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Equity Financing from MidHudson LLC and WhiteStar Advisors LLC
May 2021
The Couture
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