Sale to DNS Capital, LLC

Sale to DNS Capital, LLC


Baird served as financial advisor to IMI


IMI Holding Corp. (“IMI” or “the company”), a portfolio company of River Associates Investments, LLC (“River Associates”), recently announced its sale to DNS Capital, LLC (“DNS”).

IMI is a leading provider of highly engineered solutions for magnetic separation and material handling, particle processing and process automation applications. The company’s products are used to handle, separate, lift and process a diverse array of materials across a range of markets. Applications of the company’s expertise include metal removal, ingredient/particle sorting and sizing, and product purity/quality control. IMI serves a number of industries, including food processing, industrial MRO, conveying, bulk material and aggregate handling and recycling, among others. IMI’s products and solutions improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, increase product purity and safety, and protect manufacturing equipment from damage and degradation. IMI is headquartered in Boyne City, Michigan.

River Associates is a private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in the lower middle-market and has partnered closely with management teams for over 25 years. Founded in 1989, River Associates has built a reputation for integrity and acumen with all its constituencies: limited partners, investment referral sources, senior & mezzanine debt partners and portfolio company management teams. River Associates is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

DNS Capital is the investment office for the business enterprise of Gigi Pritzker and Michael Pucker. DNS Capital takes a long-term and flexible approach to investing by building relationships with business owners, management teams and entrepreneurs to align interests, evolve businesses and create lasting value with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor. DNS is based in Chicago, Illinois.

For additional information about this transaction, please contact:

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Julien Darmon +44 (207) 667-8415
Michael Wolff +49 (691) 301-4949
Anthony Siu +86 21 61820980
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Sale to DNS Capital, LLC
February 2016
IMI Holding Corp.
Target Location
North America