Sale to Odyssey Investment Partners

Sale to Odyssey Investment Partners


Baird served as the exclusive financial advisor to BarrierSafe Solutions International, Inc.


BarrierSafe Solutions International, Inc. (“BarrierSafe” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Linden LLC and The Edgewater Funds, has been acquired by Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

BarrierSafe is a leading designer, developer and marketer of a comprehensive suite of disposable gloves and other related products that serve the needs of users across a diverse range of growing, niche markets. Formed in 2004 through the merger of two industry leaders, Microflex and FoodHandler, BarrierSafe today provides in excess of six billion single-use gloves annually and commands leading market positions in its primary end markets.

Linden LLC is a Chicago-based private equity firm focused exclusively on leveraged buyouts in the healthcare and life science industries. Linden's strategy is based upon three elements: i) healthcare and life science industry specialization, ii) integrated private equity and operating expertise, and iii) strategic relationships with large corporations. The Edgewater Funds is a private equity firm based in Chicago, Illinois; Edgewater has distinguished itself through successful partnerships with quality middle market companies.

Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC, with offices in New York and Los Angeles primarily makes control investments typically in established middle-market companies in a variety of industries.

For additional information about this transaction, please contact:

Trish Hansen (414) 765-3521
Brian McDonagh (704) 553-6611
Jeff Seaman (312) 609-4687
Yong-Jae Kim (312) 609-4939
Sale to Odyssey Investment Partners
November 2011
BarrierSafe Solutions International, Inc.
Target Location
North America
Acquiror Location
North America