Sale to Nautic Partners, LLC

Sale to Nautic Partners, LLC


Baird served as the exclusive financial advisor to Willis Stein & Partners and Aavid Thermalloy


Aavid Thermalloy (“Aavid” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Willis Stein & Partners, has been acquired by Nautic Partners, LLC. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Aavid is a leading provider of thermal management solutions to the global electronics industry with the most recognized brand name in the markets that it serves. The Company designs and manufactures a full range of products that dissipate excess heat in electronic devices, including extruded and fabricated fin heat sinks, heat pipe assemblies, liquid cold plates and a full range of complex, highly engineered solutions. With the longest, most established track record in the industry, Aavid’s thermal management technologies have been an enabling factor in the ever-expanding world of electronics.

Willis Stein & Partners is a middle-market private equity firm that invests in the consumer services, education and specialized business services sectors of the economy. The firm targets majority stake equity investments of $30 to $300 million. Since 1989, Willis Stein has invested almost $3 billion in 50 portfolio companies.

Nautic Partners, LLC is a middle-market private equity firm with over $2.5 billion of equity capital under management. The firm targets equity investments of $25 to $100 million representing majority ownership in companies with proven business models, defensible market positions, and strong growth potential. Areas of focus include business services, manufacturing, healthcare, and communications.

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Chris McMahon (312) 609 4983
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Sale to Nautic Partners, LLC
December 2010
Aavid Thermalloy
Target Location
North America
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North America