Baird Business Owner Solutions Served as Exclusive Financial Advisor to the Sellers

Baird’s Business Owner Solutions (BOS) group was pleased to advise West Texas Barricades, LLC (“Barricades Unlimited”) on its recent acquisition by Blue Sage Capital. Headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, Barricades Unlimited provides traffic control, pavement marking, and other ancillary safety services to the Texas Department of Transportation and to Road & Highway General Contractors throughout Texas. Led by its Owner & President, Chris Boutwell, the Company experienced sustained growth as it expanded it service offering and grew its geographic footprint from a single location to five locations throughout Texas. Additionally, Barricades Unlimited established itself as the go-to, highly reliable provider of traffic control and related services through the Company’s relentless focus on safety and commitment to customer service.

Baird BOS was initially introduced to the Company through the Owner & President’s existing relationship with a Baird Financial Advisor in the Dallas market. After discussing the Owner’s primary goals and objectives, including diversifying personal net worth, and providing meaningful opportunities for key managers and employees, Baird BOS determined a targeted auction process to credible, motivated financial and strategic buyers would yield an optimal result.

After conducting a competitive process with multiple interested parties, Blue Sage proved to be the favored partner for Barricades Unlimited due to their aligned cultural values and strategic vision for the Company. Barricades’ partnership with Blue Sage Capital provides Barricades Unlimited with a strong foundation to continue servicing its markets in West Texas while also expanding into the major metros of East Texas.


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