Schedule of Fees and Service Charges

Updated September 2017

Baird’s account fees and service charges are based on account type or service requested. This pricing information supersedes any prior pricing details and notices, and Baird reserves the right to change a fee upon notice. Other fees may apply. Please note that Baird's commission schedule is available upon request from your Baird Financial Advisor. If you have any questions, please contact your Baird Financial Advisor.

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Annual Fees  
The following fees apply to households with < $100K in total assets with Baird:  
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)1, 2
- First IRA per Household
- Each Additional IRA per Household

Coverdell Education Savings Account $25
Cash Management Standard $125
eBill Management Fee $50
Account Service Fee3 $150
The following fees apply to all applicable households, regardless of account value:  
Profit Sharing or Money Purchase Plans:
- Main Account
- Each Additional Participant in Plan

Super Simplified: Individual 401(k), Profit Sharing, or Money Purchase Plans $60
403(b) $60
Private Placements Maintenance Fee $200
Client Service  
Stop Payment
(checks issued by Robert W. Baird & Co.)
Returned Check / Overdraft Fee $25
Late Payment4 or Prepayment4 Margin Interest Rate ($10 min.)

Wire Transfers:
- Domestic 
- International (U.S. Dollars)
- International (Foreign Currency)

Account Transfer/Closing5 $150
IRA Termination Fee $150
Lost Certificate Fee 2% of Market Value Plus Any/
All Agent Fees
Precious Metals: Received or Delivered All Agent Fees
Treasury and GNMA Deposits $50 per Certificate
Private Placements: Transaction Fee $200
Order Handling Fee 6 $7.50
No Load Mutual Fund Purchases & Exchanges $100
Collateral Account Set Up Fee $100
Trades Done Away From Baird $100
Client Document Research $50 Min. per Account
Direct Registration Transfers $25
Register and Ship $25 + DTC & Agent Fees ($500)
Rush Security Transfer $500
Physical Reorganization7 $100
Date-of-Death Valuations Less than 25 CUSIPS: $40
Greater than or equal to
25 CUSIPS: $80
Cash Management Program  
Business Checks (Qty. 250) $60
Returned Check $25
Stop Payment $10
Overnight Checks | Card $40 | $60
Check Copy $2
Transfer on Death (TOD) Accounts  
Distribution Fee $150 + $50 per Beneficiary for Assets Leaving Baird
Foreign Securities  
Physical Deposit $100
Physical Withdrawal $250
Incoming and Outgoing Account Transfer (ACAT) All Agent Fees
Stock Dividend All Agent Fees
Profit Sharing or Money Purchase Plans  
Acceptance/Opening Fee - Main Account $50
Each Additional Participant in Plan $5



Annual IRA Fees are waived for 1) any IRA established as a Managed or Advisory Choice account provided the minimum account value requirement is met, 2) all IRAs in statement households (Baird + networked) having less than $100,000 in total assets, where the household incurred at least $500 in fees/commissions for the trailing 12-month period ending on September 30.  


2 The annual fee for each additional Traditional or Roth IRA will be waived for statement households having less than $100,000 in total assets provided you deposit a new rollover contribution of at least $5,500 or “fully fund” your IRA ($5,500 contribution) by December 31 each year.  
3 Baird charges a $150 annual account service fee for select accounts in statement households (Baird + Networked) with less than $100,000 in total household assets as of the last business day of October. Each account subject to the fee within these households will be charged the annual account service fee in December. Accounts outside of statement households will be considered independent households for the assessment of the fee, subject to the household asset minimum. The following types of accounts are exempt from the Account Service Fee:
  • IRAs
  • Coverdell ESAs
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Delivery Versus Payment (DVP)
  • Charitable accounts
  • Accounts that maintain margin balances
  • Accounts paying the annual Cash Management Standard fee
  • Accounts that are part of a statement household that paid $500 or more in commission per account over the 12 months immediately prior to the cutoff date will be exempt from the account service fee
  • Accounts that are part of a statement household containing at least one advisory or BairdNext account are exempt from the Account Service Fee.
  • Employee Stock Option and Stock Purchase Plan accounts that are part of a negotiated corporate relationship
  • Accounts that are part of a statement household that was opened before June 1 of the immediately prior year
  • Accounts holding only networked annuities
  • Zero balance accounts


4 If sufficient funds or securities are not received for a trade by settlement date or funds are requested prior to settlement date of a liquidation, Baird reserves the right to charge interest to the account in accordance with Baird’s established custom. Interest charges will accrue from settlement date for the transaction until full and final payment is made or from the day funds are paid out of the account until settlement date of the liquidation. Visit for complete margin rate information. Rates are subject to change without notice.  
5 The closing fee is waived for Coverdell Education Savings Accounts that are closed as a result of the assets having been withdrawn according to the account’s intended purpose.  
6 Advisory Accounts are not subject to this fee.  
7 The physical exchange of one certificate for another as part of a reorganization activity; only applies to certificates in customer name.